“How Much Is My Business Worth?”

Imagine trying to cross a high-wire, 50 feet in the air – with no training, no safety harness, no net below…

Step #1 When Selling: Get an Accurate Business Valuation

Without a solid grounding in how prospective buyers view the value of your business, it’s a lot like trying to cross that high wire – lonely, risky… And completely unnecessary.

Yet, as the owner of your own business, how do you free yourself from the forest to see the trees enough to put a solid value on your business and know with any degree of certainty you’ll actually be able to sell it at that price.

If you take it to market asking too much, you alienate your best prospects. Price it too low and you risk leaving money on the table.

That’s where having a competent professional broker, intimately familiar with your business and who’s on your side and at your back every step of the way can save you far more money, time and lost opportunity than the relatively small price tag of hiring one.

Evolution Advisors takes it one step further.

Flipping the conventional business brokerage model on its head and rather than take a shotgun approach to marketing your business, we go deep into understanding the value of your business in its every facet and aspect.

Then we take that story to the universe of buyers most likely to find it appealing.

Result? A high selling price, low stress and happy sellers and buyers.

Do you need a formal business appraisal?

Many sellers think they need a full, formal business appraisal before attempting to sell a business. However in most cases a full business appraisal is simply not worth the high cost—especially at the planning stage.

An appraisal can also be very misleading as it isn’t necessarily grounded in the realities of the market.

At Evolution Advisors, we’re in touch daily with networks of thousands of buyers and sellers, both globally and locally as well as other business broker intermediaries throughout the country. As a result we have a pulse on what’s really happening in the business of selling a business.

Tracking trends, analyzing reports, subscribing to proprietary data services and keeping in touch with our extensive network enables us to give you perspective and support just not available, even in the most sophisticated technical valuation.

Get an Accurate Business Valuation from Evolution Advisors

Are you considering selling your business?

Do your nest egg and peace of mind a favor and let us help you determine an accurate value picture and, if you like, help you develop an effective selling strategy.

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