If you are thinking of selling your business in the next few years, consider taking advantage of something we offer called The Value Builder System. It’s a methodology for improving the value of a business and it’s been statistically proven to have dramatic results over time.




To begin with, you’ll get something called a “The Sellability Score” which we’ve been trained to administer as part of my work to earn my Certified Value BuilderTM designation. Your Sellability Score Score will highlight the strengths and hidden assets in your business that have the biggest impact on your company’s value today. It will also reveal any problem areas that might be dragging down the value of your company.


Next, we’ll meet monthly for an hour or two to work through a series of twelve modules, each designed to increase the value of your company. Think of the modules like Lego blocks — one builds on the other to create a business that is much more valuable than the typical company in your industry. If we can get your Sellability Score Score up to 80 (out of a possible 100), you will have added up to 71% to the value of your company. That figure is based on an analysis of Sellability Score from the thousands of other owners who use our program and have received acquisition offers for their businesses. get+started+now

There is no magic bullet for instantly increasing the value of your business, but The Value Builder System is a methodology that, when followed over time, has been proven to make businesses more attractive to buyers. If you decide to sell, you know you’ll be in a position to garner a significant premium over your industry peers and competitors and our work together will provide an impressive return relative to the investment you make in the system. Likewise, if you decide to hang on to your business, you will have added significantly to the value of your biggest asset. Let alone most likely added a few dollars to the bottom line, freed up some of your time, and provided a little less stress in running your business.

So what do you think…would you like to take the first step and get your Sellability Score? Click the link below to begin taking a short 15 minute survey.